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Business Insurance



We offer many different kinds of business insurance policies. Not sure what type of insurance you need? Let us help advise you, based on your business type and exposure to risk. Below are a few of the most common insurance policies a business owner should consider.

Business Owners Policy

This type of policy covers small and large companies for three main insurance needs:

  • Coverage for buildings and property owned by your business

  • If you have an unexpected event at your business that stops day to day running (like a fire or other disaster), you can get coverage for loss of income

  • If your company is found at fault in normal business operations, such as bodily injury, damage due to defective products - a BOP covers your legal responsibilities.

This is really two different coverage’s tailored meet your business needs. You may be covered with a BOP (as described above) or decide you’d prefer to modify your property coverage and casualty coverage to meet your individual business needs. This type of coverage protects small to mid size business against losses incurred from a wide range accidents, threats and losses.

Property & Casualty

Workers Compensation & Occupation Accident Insurance

Every US State has different requirements when it comes to Workers Compensation (WC) and Occupation Accident Insurance (Occ Acc).

For example, Texas has an “Opt Out” clause for certain employers, which means that you do not legally have to carry WC and can purchase Occ Acc coverage instead.

It’s important to know the difference between these two coverages, as while they differ in price, they also differ in coverage.

Here’s the Deal!
If you are located in Texas - not being required to carry WC/Occ Acc insurance, doesn’t mean you won’t be legally responsible. If an employee is injured or states they are injured whilst working for you, they have the right to sue for damages.

For more information on the legal requirements in your State click here.

Commercial Trucking / Vehicle

We can help with your commercial Trucking/Vehicle needs. From Auto Liability, Physical Damage, Cargo and General Liability, we can help your business decide what coverage’s are needed, based on your what your day to day business risks involve.

Click here for more information on Truckers Insurance