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Home and Auto

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Homeowners Insurance

If you have a home with things and people inside, you want to make sure you have an insurance policy that protects you.

Home insurance protects a personal residence/home and it’s contents.  There are several types of homeowners insurance policies available to you and it’s important to make sure you have selected the right insurance for your home, contents and people that live in or come to your home.

  • New Homes

  • Old Homes

  • Mobile Homes

  • Attached structures (like decks or garages)

  • Personal Property/Contents of your Home

  • Personal Liability - if you or someone is accidentally injury

Mask Insurance Agency works with many different insurance companies (like Progressive, Nationwide, Safeco, Foremost, Kemper, Mercury just to name a few) which means we are not tied to any one company.  We get rates for your insurance needs from all the companies available to us. This way we can make sure we are offering you the best prices we can find. If we’ve not saved you money on your insurance, we feel like we’ve not done a good job.

Call us today for help on narrowing down your insurance options and making sure you are covering your ass..ets! 


Did you know?…..

Insurance companies offer discounts for certain things? We can make sure that you are applying all the discounts available to you. For example, did you know if you have auto insurance for your personal vehicle, you can save money by combining your home and auto into one policy.